Kiz Pattison had a little chat with us about his music, productions and love of milk

Kiz Pattison is an emerging artist who has  a collective set of productions and releases that have been raising the eyebrows of industry favourites. This Birmingham based artist has had a careful eye on our beloved club circuit for many years, from the early foundations of house to the rave scene and the current formats of electronic music. He’s already provided great touches to Blue Amazon’s underground classic “Four Seasons” which appeared on Ian Ossia Interpretations album release. Recent releases have also landed on labels such as “Compatible Music”, Pro B Tech/bTech Noir, and more. Ssound wise his productions have the backbone of progressive house but have gently grown towards a more minimalistic and techno sound, which gives his output its unique flavour.

You had your first release in 2013 on Jssst records with a single track: Bone Rattler. could you tell us a bit about how it all came about?

Yeah, bone rattler is a pretty cool track, to be honest when I made I didn’t really have a full understanding of ableton.. so it was just a case of fiddling around with different samples and twisting them into some kind of sound that I liked… I can’t remember what it was, but I copied the arrangement off someone else track, back then I found the arrangement part of a track really difficult to get my head around.. when to have breaks and drops etc..  think it took me weeks to get the track sounding anything like a proper track..
as for it being my 1st release, as every unknown producer does, you just keep sending tracks out hoping for a response, and lucky for me jssst liked it… I never got any payment for it.. probably a mistake looking back but when it’s your 1st track you just want something out there, get a foot in music world.
I have toyed with the idea of re-releasing it as it fits my current acidic techno sound  but we’ll see.

Since then you’ve had numerous releases and remixes alongside some well established artists, how do you feel you’ve refined your sound and what challenges do you face with your productions?

Yeah I’ve had my name along side  Oliver Lieb, and pako & frederik have remixed for me, who  I speak to quite a lot now, and I’ve been lucky to have remixed a couple of Blue Amazon tracks the 1st was the classic ‘Four Seasons’ that kinda gave me a kick-start… and more recently ‘the fix’
I think my style has grown into a more of a techno sound, not sure if it’s a case of refining a sound, it just evolves over time, from track to track.
Don’t know if it’s challenge, but I try to make a track aimed at specific favourite DJ’s to play.. hopefully they’re getting heard by them.

What are you currently working on at the moment, care to share what’s coming up soon and in the near future with us?

Where to start… I’m just putting finishing touches to a mini album I’ve been asked to do for bTech noir as well as a two track EP called ‘rise of the dark’ I’ve also got a track coming next year for Se-lek called ‘passcode 21’. I have two tracks coming out on pro b tech’s summer showcase album ‘acidic bells’ & ‘lines of base’ (released 26th September) and for Se-Lek’s ADE album I have a track called ‘Skins’ (released 10th October). I’ve done a remix for techno duo Bageera & DaGeneral called ‘carpet muncher’ (released 26th September) which has gathered support from the likes of Danny Tenaglia, Chris Fortier, Steve Parry, & Anthony Papa. I have a track coming in few months called ‘Dark Rooms’ on General Surgery records which is a little more of traditional techno track to my usual stuff.
Finally my track ‘simplistic confusion’ is out 3rd of October on Se-lek music with two awesome remixes from Jonny burg and Pako & fredeik which I’m buzzing to have got them to remix for me! Shows what a cheeky Facebook message can do! again this has got some support from some big hitters, there’s a few other things in the pipe line that I’m working on, remixes and original material.


What two pieces of advice would you like to give to others looking to break through and release their music?

Keep pluging away at what you believe in, it’s all to easy to compromise your music.
Always look at new ways you can create sounds to keep your music original.
Don’t get disheartened when you get knock backs.

What’s your ultimate label to release on and ultimate artist to remix your own track?

Label is a tough call. I have five I’m Aiming at… Bedrock, Last Night On Earth, Selador, chapter 24, Drumcode
As for remixers, I’ve already mentioned Pako & Frederik and Lee Softley (Blue Amazon) owes me a couple, but a Bedrock remix would be awesome.

It’s been really great getting to know youa little more, we wish you every success for the future. One final question, if you were stuck on a desert island, what record, DJ mix and drink would you have with you?

Record would be Lamb – Gorecki
DJ mix would be anything new by Sasha or Digweed
Drink would be milk, bit random but I drink gallons of it.